Inside PAX ~ 
the most organized crossbody purse in the universe!

Here I am with one of the early PAX prototypes

The Pax Story

For years I looked for a purse that would hold everything I needed so I could find it easily. I never found one. I was sick of losing whatever I needed in my bag and having to dig in a black hole for it.  


I told a friend I was thinking of having a purse made because I couldn’t find one I liked. I described the purse I wanted to her. I noticed she had a funny look on her face. 


“Do you want one, too?” I asked.


She said, "Yes!!!”


And so did a lot of other people I spoke to.


I sat on my living room floor with some craft foam and a hot glue gun (because I cannot sew a stitch!) and put together the very first Pax.


A few years, one trademark, two countries, and seven prototypes later, here we are!


PAX is Latin for “peace." My life is much more peaceful when I know where my stuff is, and I can get to it easily!!


PAX holds your phone, glasses, keys, money, credit cards, business cards, lip gloss, mints, tampons, pens, of course a wine tool, and probably lots of other things I haven't even though of yet.


If you need a bigger bag to carry your lap top, water bottle, makeup, snacks, lotion, charger… the Pax will fit into it!


The sturdy leather strap is adjustable from 30 to 60 inches, or is removable. The shoulder strap can also go around your waist, giving you a more modern (and much better looking) option than a fanny pack. In a pinch, the strap can function as a dog leash. (Something I never even considered until it was necessary in an emergency.) The leather has natural variations which make each bag unique. Over time your bag will develop a patina that enhances it's character. 

PAX means Peace. A Pax purse gives you the peace of knowing where the important things are so you can get to them quickly, while looking and feeling fabulous!