Ordering -  This Part is Important

Before falling in love, check on color availability. 

Anyone can wait until it's easy to order, but your PAX can be a bona fide collector's item. You can say, "Oh, I got mine before they even had an online store." 


We are a very new enterprise and Pax is not assembled in a factory but in a family leather-working shop in Masaya Nicaragua.


I met them. Had lunch with them. Attempted to speak Spanish with them. Juan told me my pronunciation …um…wasn’t good.


Our main man there is named Roger. We have been keeping Roger and his family very busy! They love it! But we don’t always have all the colors in America yet. We are working on that.

Since we don't have a warehouse overflowing with product, we're doing this the old fashioned way, with human service. Contact us using the form below, and we'll be in touch with details like shipping costs, delivery date, and verify your payment options.

For color choices, please

look at the Newest PAX gallery, each image is labeled with it's color name.

Duna Leather - $85

Artisan - $75

Cuero con Pelo - $110

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